Villa The Beji - Attentive service


One of the delights of staying in a private villa is warm service delivered with a ready smile and respect for privacy. Villa The Beji’s gracious and long-serving staff knows when to be on hand to help, and when to stay behind the scenes. With every interaction, they aim to please with their charming and distinctively Balinese hospitality.

Villa manager

The Beji’s professional manager brings a wealth of experience to his role. Highly experienced and with impeccable English, he is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the villa estate, overseeing and coordinating the staff to meet the expectations of the guests.


The assistant managers focus on the guest experience, and are on hand to tend to every guest’s need, serving meals and beverages, and assisting guests during their stay.

Private chef

The villa’s talented chef is in charge of all meals and provisions shopping, and will happily prepare anything from an extensive menu of Balinese, Indonesian and Asian dishes, as well accommodate special requests and dietary requirements.


Our housekeeper discreetly looks after daily tidying and cleaning.

Garden and pool

The gardeners maintain the swimming pool and garden from 7am to 3pm.


Guests are kept safe and secure by the villas security team operating in shifts from 3pm ‘til 7am.

Villa The Beji - Our chef
Villa The Beji - Our friendly staff
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